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**Pool Fill Info**


The Lawrenceville Fire Department provides a service of hauling hydrant water for the purpose of filling swimming pools in the summer months as a fundraiser.

To get your pool filled, you will need to complete the following steps:



1) Determine the amount of water you will need. 


2) Go to the Lawrenceville Borough Office located on 6 Mechanic Street in Lawrenceville. Here you will have to pay for the hydrant water that we will bring you.

(Office hours: M-F 10am-2pm)


3) Contact the fire station at 570-827-2047 to schedule a time for us to bring the water. (Leave a message if no answer)


4) Have your reciept from the Borough available upon delivery of the water.



Our prices are per load (2000 gallons)

Lawrenceville and Lawrence Township: $75 per load


Tioga, Millerton, Lindley, and Nelson: $ 100 per load


All other areas: Call for pricing

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